Services have been resumed at Morville Church, for those wishing to attend, but with COVID19 mitigating restrictions in place – please see our Services page for further details. Visit us online on Facebook where you will find virtual daily acts of worship and prayer as well as latest news.


Welcome to the web site of the church of St Gregory the Great, Morville. We are an Anglican church serving the parish of Morville, a small Shropshire village, 3 miles from the market town of Bridgnorth.

The church is a member of the Bridgnorth and Morville Parishes Team Ministry which in turn is part of the Diocese of Hereford. We hold traditional weekly Sunday services including a monthly Communion Service based on the Book of Common Prayer. All are very welcome whether you wish to join us regularly or come for services such as Christmas Day or Harvest Festival.

We are also delighted to welcome visitors, those seeking Baptism or arranging a Wedding. The church which dates back to 1118, has an interesting history and is normally open to visitors every day between 10.00am and 4pm.

Our website aims to provide information on our services and activities, the church history and links to other sites which may be useful. In particular there is a considerable amount of information on the Bridgnorth Team ministry web site which should be referred to if you have not found the information you require. Click here to access the Bridgnorth Team Ministry website.


Services - Public worship at Morville Church will resume from April 2021 subject to restrictions to mitigate the ongoing risks of COVID19. Details of our services can be found on the Services page together with important guidance for those wishing to attend a service.

Private Prayer - The church will continue to be open during daylight hours for individual private prayer. Individuals who wish to enter the church to do this please use the sanitiser in the porch on entering and leaving. You are also encouraged to scan the Test and Trace QR code in the porch. Strict adherence to social distancing of at least 2 metres (3 steps) between individuals and households is necessary. Please avoid touching books and touch as few surfaces as possible. Only enter the church if there are no more than 6 people in church including yourself. If there are more than 6 people including yourself inside the church it will be necessary to wait outside. You may use any of the pews but ensure you sit at least 2m from any other individual who is not in your household.

Visiting the church - The church is only open for private prayer and services and is therefore not open to visitors who wish to look round the church.

Online worship - Video daily acts of worship and prayer, including a Sunday service, from the Bridgnorth clergy team can be viewed online on our Facebook page or on YouTube. If you wish to receive the weekly services update including the full Sunday service by email, or know of someone who would like receive it by post please tell us with the message facility on our Contact Us page.

Can You Help Morville Church Please? Everyone will be aware that, with the COVID-19 pandemic, churches have been closed for services and even access for visitors for some months now and it may be a while before they are open again for services. In the meantime there are still costs to be met, bills to be paid even while the church is not receiving any income. We rely on the congregation and visitors’ generosity through church collections, donations, sale of books and similar but none of these are possible at the moment. As a result we are in need of financial support to help us through this difficult time.

Understandably, these are difficult times financially but if you feel that you are able to make a donation, perhaps whatever you would have given in the church collection plate at a service or simply a small donation to help ease the way until we can have services and start to fundraise again, please use the message form on the Contact Us page and we will provide you with bank details or address for a cheque. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated - thank you. Please see our Support Us page for more information on how you can support this rural church and churchyard.

An offer of help during Covid 19 pandemic

If you live in Morville or surrounding areas and you need help with transport for shopping, prescription collection, posting letters etc, please get in touch with Coll or Ben.

Contact details:
Coll Macdonald ( / 01746 714 323)
Ben Cornwell (07881 373 380)

Reverend Simon and Reverend Sarah Cawdell are offering both practical support and an opportunity for a chat or a friendly voice at the end of the phone. They can be contacted on 01746 761 573.